I am a beauty-loving, searching and critical person. Enthusiastic to the point of insomnia when a visual impression fascinates me.

After studying art in Bremen, I nevertheless stopped painting and devoted myself with great passion to my work as an art and French teacher and to playing the classical piano.

I have been painting again since 2020. Every painting is a new adventure for me. No matter what I paint, like playing music, it is the search for the perfect sound of hues and shapes that drives me: Often a struggle and sometimes a gift that flies to you on its own. These are then moments of pure bliss!

In the meantime I sell my paintings through art galleries (Artfinder, London, Aartzy, Toronto, Saatchi Art, London) to private art collectors in Germany and worldwide. I live with my husband in Hamburg and continue to work as a teacher.


My pictures


For me, pictures are like memories:

emerging from the dark,

fleeting and yet concise,

incomplete in some areas,

in others developing a life of their own,

detaching themselves from reality

and thereby offering the viewer

offering the viewer something new, something not seen before.



Commissioned work

I also accept commissioned work. I will gladly inform you about the exact procedure.