Art is the art of reinventing oneself again and again.

Always looking for new means of expression, enjoying experimenting with different styles and motifs! With pleasure also with squeegees and spatulas, in acrylic and oil. My paintings are characterised by a positive, life-affirming approach with strong colours and clear pictorial structures. The joy of visual impressions, the play with ever new tones and compositions, and the eternal search for the optimal expression of what seems essential to me. Sometimes a struggle, sometimes a gift that flies to me. In this respect, painting for me is closely related to making music on the piano and seems to me an allegory to daily life.

I also sell my paintings through the galleries Artfinder (London), Balthasart (Paris), Saatchi Art (London) to private art collectors in Germany and worldwide and live with my husband in Hamburg.


My paintings

are like memories for me:

emerging from the dark,

fleeting and yet concise,

incomplete in some areas,

in others developing a life of their own,

detaching themselves from reality

and thereby offering the viewer

offering the viewer something new, something not seen before.



Commissioned work

I also accept commissioned work. I will gladly inform you about the exact procedure.